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This is a snapshot of Wikitruth's Development Phases document from Google Drive

Phase 1 (MVP) - October 2 (Oct 1 EOD)

  • Work in progress... Want to make it happen faster? Click here to help in the github project or click here to contact us for anything you're willing to help.

  • Contributor can edit only his own post

  • Post, edit arguments under a topic

  • Update the domain contacts

  • Wiki Posting and entry display- allow the display of unverified details posted by moderators, users

    • No categories/labels yet, linear display

    • Arguments

    • Topic comments

    • Argument comments

    • Tagging for comments, topic, arguments

    • Subcomments

    • Inline reply/create entry

    • Issue

      • Close

      • Reopen

      • Filter by open/close

    • Linked Entry

      • Create/paste

      • Edit

      • Entry display

      • Link paste screening

  • User registration, Accounts

  • Setup

  • First blog post, diagramings, v0.2 release

  • Setup Google Web Admin

  • Create favicon from current icon

  • SSL

  • Deferred

    • Post blog about the mindmap

    • Create blog header and find way to add an icon

    • About pages

      • Link to Docs specs

      • Contribute

      • Rules & Guidelines

      • Editors/Peer Reviewers

      • Philosophy/Mission/Vision

    • Doc: List the types of arguments/content to support and what rules to govern them

    • Create FB app for

Phase 2 - Best Reading Experience

  • Left navigation/sidebar - tree or collapsible

  • Outline visualization

  • Categories (Hierarchical/Custom Tags) - create tags in a list to enable filtering by tags (list tags in sidebar)

  • Clean screens and good typography

  • Unified login/registration, seamless experience

  • Prompt to choose username upon facebook signup

  • Very compelling blurbs or write-up of descriptions to easily convey the system’s function and purpose

  • Entry children sort option

  • Follow and Notifications

    • Follow action

    • List of followings (in profile)

    • List of followers in entry (can be deferred)

    • Notify users of new posts

      • Show numbers in header icon

      • Click to show list

  • Sanitize HTML content from editor

  • Well-designed FixThePH functionality

Phase 3 - Contribution and Basic Discussion

  • Re-submit rejected content (screening)

  • Edit/post anonymously (?)

  • View options: Show screened and pending, screened only

  • Clipboard paste screen

    • Cherry pick which to paste or move

    • Swap links and real entries

  • Notifications on contribution

    • On change of screening status

    • Replies

    • On change of verdict

    • On updates to content by other users

    • On new posts

    • On mentions

  • Expose and Burry reaction

    • User can react with Expose or Bury

    • Display Expose and Bury count

    • Sort entries based on Expose and Bury

  • Good and Bad reaction

    • User can react with Good or Bad

    • Display Good and Bad count

    • Sort entries based on Good and Bad

  • Dictionary features

  • Simple Asset Repository with attributes (can be links to external, has type of content)

    • Support for external assets or links

    • Support photo upload (asset)

    • Support document upload (asset)

  • View Levels - allow the display of logical claims even without strong basis

  • Simple discussion with basic system restrictions, tagging

  • Markdown editor

  • Edit diff and history tracking

  • Location: Show relevant topics in home based on user’s location

Phase 4 - Dialectics and Advanced Contribution

  • Content edits/suggestions

    • Submit edits/suggestions

    • Accept or reject edits

  • Truth verdict mechanics

Phase 5 - More Features

  • Browsing history

  • Trending entries

  • Various data visualization support


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