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  • Problem #1. Unquestioning Allegiance to so-called Progressive Policies unverified
    Unwavering loyalty to progressive, liberal policies is the primary reason these dire conditions persist. It both makes them possible and perpetuates them. It’s no coincidence that progressivism is the common thread that binds predominately black cities... Show More
    3 years ago dsalunga reply
  • Problem #2. Proliferation of Baby Mamas unverified
    The disintegration of the nuclear family has led to an astronomical increase of single-mother households. According to the Moynihan Report, in 1965, nearly 25 percent of black children were born to unwed mothers. The report’s author Daniel Patrick Moynihan... Show More
    3 years ago dsalunga reply
  • Problem #3. Urban Terrorism unverified
    As just about everyone knows, but too few talk about publicly, in majority black cities, violent black on black crime is rampant. A Department of Justice study from 1980-2008 revealed that blacks accounted for almost half of the nation’s homicide victims... Show More
    3 years ago dsalunga reply
  • Problem #4. Lack of Diversity unverified
    Blacks repeatedly demand an “honest dialogue or debate about race.” But how can there ever be an honest dialogue about race between blacks and whites when there is virtually no honest dialogue between blacks and blacks? It’s hypocritical. And if a black... Show More
    3 years ago dsalunga reply
  • Problem #5. The Victim Mentality unverified
    Nothing holds someone back more than seeing himself as a victim. Why? Because a victim is not responsible for his situation. Everything is someone else’s fault. And the victim sees little chance of improving his life. How can he get ahead if someone is... Show More
    3 years ago dsalunga reply