1. Wikitruth

    A system with a vetting mechanism to verify facts from trash, discern between true or false, right and wrong. A system to end cyclic discussions and debates on the internet.


    The system was designed based on the assumption that truthmorality and reason are of great fundamental importance to us as humans. These are the foundations of the system and it operates under this assumption.

    If the system were a sport game like basketball or football, these are the rules of the game and everyone wanting to play the game has to honor the rules, otherwise you will be in trouble with fellow players, referees and officials of the game and the gameplay won't make sense to you.

    Given the assumption, you may already have an idea whether this site is worth your time or of interest.

  1. Technical Design Documents & Notes

  2. Open documents in Google Drive
  1. Help and contribute

  2. The project is in its early development phase. If you want to help, visit the GitHub project to contribute on project development, or if you want to help by sharing your ideas, visit the Contact page.
  1. Emphasis on the idea, intent and thought

    Emphasis on context to extract the meaning

    Use of common sense

    Offensive and violent


    An ill-intent aggravates an offense

    Content quality and verifiability over authority or prominence

  1. Why create another wiki or Q&A site?
  1. By reason, observation and perpetual online dialectics
  2. By philosophy, metaphysics and common sense
  3. Creative/innovative thinking and critical thinking as features of intelligence
  4. Finding the truth and reality
  5. The ineffectiveness of traditional debates in finding the truth
  6. Levels of skepticism and conspiracy theories
  7. Biases, play of words and logical fallacies
  8. Human emotion and distracting behaviors to finding the truth
  1. What is morality and what it is not
  2. Truth vs morality
  3. The sources of morality
  1. Religion: truth and morality intertwined (in a certain level)
  2. Religion as a source of morality
  3. The dangers in religion and the use of faith
  4. Religion, science and world peace
  1. Overview on Users & Roles
  2. As a Reader
  3. As a Contributor
  4. As a Peer Reviewer
  5. As an Administrator
  6. Discussions & Contribution
  7. Peer Review & Vetting