An artifact, a reference/source material, or asset:

  • A public material (a popular claim) - meaning this argument or statement is popular so keeping it intact to discuss its issues and facts
  • A reference/source material
  • Should be preserved in the original state regardless the content is wrong or false. Issues or counter-arguments can be raised to indicate the issues.


  • An artifact can have facts, sub-topics (to organize), questions/answers, issues, comments/opinions


  • Quote
  • Photograph
  • Book, Manuscript, A research paper
  • Lyrics
  • News Article
  • Social Media Post
  • Blog Post
  • Webpage
  • Speech/Talk
  • Movie, Documentary
  • Statistical Data (dump)


  • text
  • image
  • video
  • file
  • data dump
  • sound
  • markup (Webpage)


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